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A bag can too be seen as an important instrument that one will require when he or she goes for shopping and would wish to get a place to put the commodities and other things that have been bought. Different types of bags are being made and used all across the entire continent as a whole. Women bags are those bags that are well known to the female gender and appeal to their feelings and personal wants.

These bags carry make up including oils and body lotions not forgetting money is also place in the same same bags. Plastic bags have become a come phenomenon in the recent times of today since they are easily manufactured from recycles and they are readily available in the market. Plastic bags are actually made through the recycling process that involves using already used materials and equipment that is termed and seen as waste by the general public to as raw materials or inputs in the process of plastic bags production or manufacturing. Re-usable bags are also a type of bag that is currently being widely used and appreciated by almost everyone if not everyone more so during the routine shopping and collection of goods activities that people are involved in on a daily basis. Leather bags are mostly perceived as a show and exhibition of class to mean some top ranking standard of living in the society since they are made and manufacture from animal skins and this animals are mammals.

Leather bags being of high quality they often attract a high number of customers to person selling or even manufacturing them to mean there is a high turnover of inventory hence high sales that increases a business profit margin. Sisal bags are literally made from sisal plant strips that are cut chopped into long thin pieces dried in sunlight and the sewed to form a bag that is strong and durable.

The large size design bags can also be called travelling bags and as the name suggests they are frequently used in the event when an individual want to travel whereby he or she will pack all his belongings he wishes to travel with the bag. Designer bags these are posh bags perceived to be classy and mostly for those individuals who want to trend with fashion in the current world most known as swag by a group of civilised youths in the metropolitan streets of towns.

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